There are six different native groups that call Alaska home.  They are the Inupiaq, Tlinget, Yupiik, Aleut, Aleutiiq and Athbaskans.  As we work with them it is important to understand their values and honor those values.   


Tlinget and Haida






Avoidance of Conflict: Paaqtakautainniq

The Inupiaq way is to think positive, act positive, speak positive and live positive. 


Our hearts command we act on goodness and expect no reward in return. This is part of our cultural fiber.

Spirituality: Ukpiqqutiqagnia

We know the power of prayer. We are spiritual people.


Together we have an awesome power to accomplish anything.

Compassion: Naglikuutiqagnip

Through the environment is harsh and cold, our ancestors learned to live with warmth, kindness, caring and compassion.

Hunting Traditions: Anguniallaniq

Reverence for the land, sea and animals is the foundation of our hunting traditions.

Knowledge of Language: Inupiuraallaniq

With our language we have an identity. It helps us to find out who we are in our minds and hearts.

Sharing: Aviktuaqatigiigniq

It is amazing how sharing works. Your acts of giving always come back.


Family and Kinship:Ilagiigniq

As Inupiaq people we believe in knowing who we are and how we are related to one another.

Humor: Quvianguniq

Indeed, laughter is the best medicine.

Respect for Elders and One Another: Piqpakkutiqaniq Suli qilsiksrautiqagniq utuqqpanaanun allannullu

Our elders model our traditions and ways of being, providing a light of hope to younger generations. May we teach as our elders have taught us.

Respect for Nature: Qiksiksrautiqagnig Inuunigvigumun

Our creator gave us the gift of our surroundings. Those before us placed ultimate importance of respecting this magnificent gift for future generations.

The attached values comes from the website of Tikigaq Corporation, but they apply across the North Slope region.

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Athabascan Cultural Values  

  * Self sufficiency

  * Hard Work

  * Care and provision for the family

  * Family relations





  * Love for children



  * Village Cooperation

Responsibility to Village

  * Respect for Elders and Others

  * Respect for Knowledge

  * Wisdom from Life Experiences

  * Respect for the Land


  * Respect for Nature

  Practice of Traditions

  Honoring Ancestors


Authorized by Cathi Ipalook Cultural Program Director, Denakkanaaga  -  Taken from Traditional Values of Alaska, Association of Alaska School Boards 2005

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Kodiak Alutiiq Cultural Values

We are the descendants of the Sugpiak, the Real People.  Understanding our environment and events that have have shaped our lives and created the culture of our ancestors is vital for our children's cultural survival.
The history of our People and our place in the world is a part of who we are today.  Kodiak Alutiit must learn and pass on to younger generations our understanding of our natural world: the sky, land, water and the
animals. As we meet the challenge of living in the 21st century, we must continue to live in honor of those things we value:

* Our Elders

* Our heritage language

* Family and the kinship of our ancestors and living relatives

* Ties to our homeland

* A subsistence lifestyle, respectful of and sustained by the natural world

* Traditional arts, skills and ingenuity

* Faith and a spiritual life, from ancestral beliefs to the diverse faiths of today

* Sharing: we welcome everyone

* Sense of humor

* Learning by doing, observing and listening

* Stewardship of the animals, land, sky and waters

* Trust

* Our people: we are responsible for each other and ourselves

* Respect for self, others and our environment is inherent in all of these values.

Authorized by Teri Schneider, Coordinator for Native Educators of the Alutiiq Region, Kodiak - Taken from Traditional Values of Alaska, Association of Alaska School Boards 2005
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Dr. Walter (who is 100 years old) his thoughts on Native values.  Values influence a person's view of the world and guide actions.

For self and others, including elders

Our Native traditions, our families, sharing, loyalty, pride, and loving children.


and wise use of words

of subsistence areas, care of property

"We have one great word in our culture: haa shageinyaa. This was a Great Spirit above us, and today we have translated that reverence to God."

Sense of humility

Care of human body

The Tlingit word for dignity is yan gaa duuneek.


Peace with the family, peace with the neighbors, peace with the others, and peace with the world of Nature

2."Our Way of Life"

* Discipline and Obedience to the Traditions of our Ancestors 

* Respect for Self, Elders and Others

* Respect for Nature and Property

* Patience

* Pride in Family, Clan and Traditions is found in Love, Loyalty and Generosity

* Be Stong in Mind, Body and Spirit

* Humor

* Hold Each Other Up

* Listen Well and with Respect

* Speak with Care

* We are Stewards of the Air, Land and Sea

* Reverance for Our Creator

* Live in Peace and Harmony

* Be Strong and Have Courage

Authorized Edward K. Thomas, President of Central Council Tlinget and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska - Taken from Traditional Values of Alaska, Association of Alaska School Boards 2005
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Unangax (Aleut) Values

* Udigdada. E /Udigida. W / Share

* Tutada. E & W/ Listen

* Txin anguyni{ta}ulux. E / Txin manitalagada. W / Don't be boastful.

* Agitaasitxin i{amnaasada. E /An}a}inas i{amanaasada. W / Be kind to other people.

Agitaasiin sismida. E / An}a}inas kiduda. W / Help others.

* Tuman tana{ agliisaa{tan. E / Tana{ agliisada. W / Take care of the land.

* Tuman ala}u{ agliisaa{tan. E / A}aju{ agliisada. W / Take care of the sea and ocean.

Tuman taanga{ agliisaa{txin. E / Taanga{ haqayaasada. W / Take care of the water.

* Manachin ilam axtalakan agliisaachin. E / Ana}is mal agumis ilam axtalagada. W / Do not do anything to excess.

Txin ugutada. E / Qa}atada. W/ Be happy.

l}ayuu{txin, ana}im atxa}ingin agachan madada. E /  Txin sakaa}atal ana}is mada. W / Behave yourself : Do the things you know are right.

* chxadalagaa{txin. E / Chxalagada. W/ Don't Steal.

Adluuda}i}ulux E / Adalulagada. W / Don't lie.

Ludakiim axtax samtaaxtin. E / Ludaa}is, tukus ama uchiitilas sahnga{tada. W / Respect Elders (including parents, teachers, & community members).

Agitaasiin samtasaa{txin. E /Agitaadaan sahnga{tada. W / Respect your peers.

Kayutuu{txin. E / Kayutuda. W / Be Strong.

Agitaasiin matanangin imin gidu}iisalagaa{txin. E / Silaa txin gikuun alagada. W / Don't be envious of what belongs to another.

An}a}i{ i{amana{i{talix kayux i{amana{ atxa{talix manaa imin ugutaasalix aa{txin. E / An}a}ina{ i}amanas manaa ngaan hi{tada. W / Admire one who does well by honest means.

* Maamin i{tanatxin madada. E / Ana}is maamis hi{taqaan aguun mada. W / Don't make promises quickly, but keep those you make.

* An}a}iisanatxin an}a}im agitaasingin agachan liidalix an}a}iisada. E / Matal an}a}iikaan agacha an}a}isada. W / Live like you want people to see you see.

Igilnaa{na{txin. E / Qaqatulagada. W / Don't be greedy.

Sla{, a}ada{, tugida{,  kayux sdan tunum manginulux kugan i}ad}ulux. E / Sla{, a}adgi{, ama sdas hadangiin i}amana{ agacha tunu{taasada. W / Don't talk bad about the weather or the sun, the moon, or the stars.

* Agitaasaan adaan tunum i{amnanginulux i}ad}ulux. E / An}a}ina{ adalus hadaan hil}ada}ulax. W / Don't slander another person.

* Kadaan axtaa}ana{txin. E / Kadamis agalagada. W / Don't get ahead of yourself.

* Adu{tanaan akidada. E / Adut akida. W / Pay your debts.

Qaqamii}u{. E / Qaqamii}u{. W / Subsistence

Tunuun ugunu{talakan an}a}ii{txin. E / Unangam Tunuu ugunu{talagada.W / Don't forget your Unangan Language.

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  The Yupik section of values is broken into three section: Saint Lawrence Island Yupik, Cupik and Bistol Bay.

Saint Lawrence Island Yupik Values:
Listen with your heart and mind

Honor family

Give service to others

Never give up

Respect all living things

Remember advice of elders

Plan for the future

Be independent

* Aviod laziness

Gather knowledge and wisdom

Approved by Anders Apassingok Sr. a Gambell Elder - Taken from Traditional Values of Alaska, Association of Alaska School Boards 2005

Cupik Values
* Help other people

* Help with family chores and needs

* Early to bed early to rise

* Provide time to see how your life is going

* There's always time to play AFTER your work is done

* Pingnatugyaraq: learn to do things yourself

* Respect and honor your elders

* Always show good behavior

* Listen to all the advice given to you

* Remember what you are taught and told

* Respect other people's belongings

* Respect the animals you catch for food

* Gather knowledge and wisdom from the elders

* Never give up trying to do what you set your mind on

Authorized by John Pingayaq, Cultural Hertiage Program Director/ Teacher, Kashunamiut School Distrect, Shevak - Taken from Traditional Values of Alaska, Association of Alaska School Boards 2005

Bristol Bay Yupik Values
* Have respect for our land and resources at all time

* Be helpful to one another

* Share with others whenever possible

* Repect and care for other's property

* Respect spiritual values

* Learn hunting and outdoor survival skills

* Provide for and take good care of your family

* Through love, respect your children

* Respect your elders

* Work hard and don't be lazy

* Refrain from alcohol and drug use

* Learn perserve and be proud of the Native way of life

Approved by Esther Ilutsik, Ciulistet Research Association

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